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How Lititz Podiatry Can Help You...

Podiatric care involves lower extremity health care, including vascular and neurological problems, biomechanical and related orthopedic difficulties, dermatological and wound care, problems secondary to diabetes, sports injuries and, of course, preventive measures.

At Lititz Podiatry,..
     -We offer an array of care according to circumstances.
     -We treat sprains, fractures, muscle imbalance, nail care, skin lesions such as warts and ulcers, plantar fasciitis, and heel spur syndrome.
     -Treatment is available for patients of all ages and actvity levels.
     -Our office is equipped to take x-rays on site.
     -We carry extra depth shoes for our diabetic program.

We recommend that all age groups to participate in foot and ankle care, since many times a serious problem can be avoided by early diagnosis and a very simple treatment regimen while a child’s body is still in the formative stages. You are encouraged to set realistic goals and we help to tailor the treatment plan best befitting your lifestyle requirements. Treatment plans for those involved in sports or active jobs can often incorporate their activities at a reduced level.

We are commited to making your experience as pleasant and effective as possible!
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